Sports Coach Level 4

The Sports Coach apprenticeship uses the Level 3 Teaching Assistant Standard along with two embedded coaching qualifications to enable those in a Sports TA role to achieve a relevant qualification whilst working in this position.


Total Duration
21 Months

EPA Organisation

Assessment Method
Presentation, Observation and Portfolio


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The two coaching qualifications/badges that we will support the apprentice with can be specific to the focus that they and the school would like to look at during the apprenticeship, this allows this element to be bespoke to them.

What you'll learn on the course

  • Understanding how pupils learn and develop.
  • Using appropriate technology to support learning.
  • Working with teachers to understand and support assessment for learning.
  • An appropriate knowledge of the curriculum and context you are working in.
  • Developing strategies for support.
  • Communication and team work.
  • Working with teachers to accurately assess
  • Using technology.
  • Problem solving/ability to motivate pupils.
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We work with high-quality training providers to deliver a wide range of training programmes through a blended learning approach that is tailored to each learner's needs.  Inspire ATA recruits and employs each apprentice on behalf of the "host" client, enabling us to offer additional support and a better experience for both apprentice and client.

We can also offer flexi-job apprenticeships which means we are able to offer short term contracts and other non-standard employment models

  • How to initiate meaningful behaviour change based on utilising a strength and asset based approach
  • How to work with national governing bodies of sport, county sports partnerships, community organisations, the voluntary sector and sport for development agencies
  • How to plan programmes of engaging and innovative activities using sport and physical activity
  • How to understand social barriers and personal motivations of customers to activate local communities
  • What constitutes an effective sport or physical activity programme and how to measure customer satisfaction
  • Where to source and how to use customer insight to design sport and physical activity interventions – weekly coaching sessions, social skills groups, volunteering
  • The funding landscape for sport, physical activity, community regeneration, addressing anti-social behaviour and public health
  • How to use information technology to monitor and evaluate programmes in order to measure impact and capture outcomes
  • lifestyles – basic understanding of nutrition, fitness to work, regular daily activity, mental well being


  • Successful application of tactics and strategies to empower people from inactive and hard to reach populations to take up an active lifestyle
  • Successful application of a range of approaches that bring about changes in attitudes and behaviours within target communities
  • Supporting people within target communities to become involved in the preparation, planning and delivery of sport and active lifestyles
  • Using local insight and customer-orientated marketing skills to attract high priority groups into existing leisure, parks and sport infrastructure
  • Negotiation, lobbying and brokerage skills with local partners across public health, community development and anti social behaviour
  • Demonstrate clear and effective communication techniques in order to give/receive information accurately and in a timely and positive manner
  • Problem solving and effective decision making with regards the design and implementation of sport and physical activity programmes
  • Writing successful funding bids to enable new, different or more opportunities to take place for sport and physical activity



  • A strong work ethic including attention to detail, willingness to adapt to change, and time management.
  • A positive attitude to work and act as a role model within their local community.
  • Ability to work individually and as a member of a team
  • Truthful, sincere and trustworthy in their actions; can demonstrate


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