Learning and Skills Teacher Level 5

The Learning and Skills Teacher (LST) is ‘dual-professional’ , having first achieved competence in a vocational or subject specialism and then subsequently trained as a teacher. 


Total Duration
27 Months

EPA Organisation

Assessment Method
Portfolio and Observation


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LSTs are responsible for planning and delivering learning that is current, relevant, challenging, and that inspires learners to engage and achieve their full potential. LSTs ensure the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of learners.

Core skills to be developed include

  • An understanding of legislation and policies that influence learning design and delivery
  • Understand the merits of different learning delivery channels to select an appropriate face-to-face, blended or digital solution.
  • Know current research and appropriate application of best practice and best fit solutions.
  • Change management methodologies and the principles of project management.
  • Positively incorporating diversity and inclusion into learning and development interventions and processes.
  • Researching and applying current best practice in this area
Why choose Inspire ATA?

We work with high-quality training providers to deliver a wide range of training programmes through a blended learning approach that is tailored to each learner's needs.  Inspire ATA recruits and employs each apprentice on behalf of the "host" client, enabling us to offer additional support and a better experience for both apprentice and client.

We can also offer flexi-job apprenticeships which means we are able to offer short term contracts and other non-standard employment models.

  • How to organise and combine syllabus outcomes into meaningful/realistic learning opportunities.
  • Evidence-based strategies to ensure that the learning process develops individuals to be highly effective within the workplace, with their families and in their communities.
  • Mathematics and English in the vocational context and opportunities and support for their development. Current and emerging learning technologies and how they can be used safely and effectively.
  • Effective use of initial and diagnostic assessment and their application at the start of or during a programme.
  • How to involve learners in understanding their own progress, and updating their learning records and plans.
  • How and where to access support for learners in achieving agreed developmental targets.
  • Effective use of initial and diagnostic assessment and their application at the start of or during a programme.


  • Meet programme requirements and deliver learning outcomes in a realistic context.
  • Engage learners to establish standards of behaviour, mutual respect and safe working.
  • Develop mathematics and English skills necessary for vocational achievement.
  • Use digital and mobile technologies in ways that are safe and support effective learning.
  • Reference to initial and diagnostic assessment of learners’ needs obtained at the start of and throughout the learner’s journey.
  • Seeking feedback from learners, colleagues and relevant others to support quality improvements in teaching and learning.
  • Continually updating their own knowledge and skills.



  • Operate at all times to ethical and legal standards and within professional boundaries.
  • Value diversity and actively promote equality of opportunity and inclusion.
  • Be resilient and adaptable when dealing with challenge and change, maintaining focus and self-control.


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