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Maysan ATeaching Assistant Level 3, Meadowhead School

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2024, some of the apprentices at Inspire ATA have taken the time to provide a glimpse into their lives and explain how an apprenticeship has helped them learn skills for life.

Here is her typical day;

Start Time: 8:30am

Journey to work: Lift share with a staff member.

How I prepare for my working day

I organise myself the day before, sometimes staying behind a little to make sure that I have everything done and I am ready for the day ahead. I will prepare interventions for the bridge, print out and organise all the resources that I need, this could be English and Maths etc. I will spend time going over the lesson plans for the next day so I am ready for anything.

Tasks I do in the morning

I set up the exercise circuit to get the children energised. I read the form bulletin. Depending on the level of children that I am working with, I get the chance to move around the room, supporting with the curriculum and helping to answer questions.

My work colleagues

I work with the class teacher, other TAs and the SENco and Assistant SEnco. They are really helpful and supportive. We have meetings every two weeks to address the needs of the children.

Lunch Break

I have lunch in the staff room, it’s lovely, and gives me the chance to catch up with other staff and it’s a nice way to build relationships with other staff in the school.

Afternoon tasks

I support in lessons, maths and other subjects. I make sure the children are engaging with the work and make sure that they are supported. At the end of the school day we do homework club with year 8. I really enjoy this.

Best part of the day

I really enjoy the sensory circuit, it makes me happy and gives the children the opportunity to be active. I am learning new things and seeing the kids enjoy things is really nice.

Apprentice top tips

To people considering an apprenticeship, I would say go for every opportunity and go for it with confidence.

Support received

The support is great I have had some much support Sophie is amazing and is always there to help me with my portfolio work, she has been so helpful and is so nice. Jules is amazing and looks out for me and helps me when I have problems. I have so much support it is great.

Finish Time: 3:30pm

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