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Jamie H, IT Apprentice Level 3, Meadowhead School

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2024, some of the apprentices at Inspire ATA have taken the time to provide a glimpse into their lives and explain how an apprenticeship has helped them learn skills for life.

Start time: 8:00am

Journey to work: I drive to work each day.

How I prepare for my working day

I schedule all my tasks throughout the day and prioritize my tasks. I see what is most important, what I need a hand with and what is beneficial to the school.

Tasks I do in the morning

I ensure all the classrooms are ready for students, this includes making sure all software and tech issues are fixed before students and staff start the day. This means that the teachers can load up everything that they need for the daily lesson to make sure everything runs smoothly.

My work colleagues

I work with my manager Dan, who is the Senior IT Technician. I also work with Adam. They are very supportive, and I enjoy working with them both. I can work off-site with remote support and Dan trusts that I can support the other site effectively.

Lunch Break

We eat in the IT office together, it’s a nice time to put work aside and talk casually and get to know each other better personally.

Afternoon tasks

I ensure all IT is running smoothly. I streamline things that can be better for school and troubleshoot IT issues. The main issues are connectivity, storage on devices and user access and software programmes installed.

Best part of the day

I enjoy working collaboratively with everyone in the office. I love working with people.

Apprentice top tips

This is a great way to begin a career. I get a lot of hands-on experience that you can’t get anywhere else it’s fun and exciting. Do it!

Support received

I have a lot of catch-ups and contact with Inspire ATA. I can get in touch with anyone for support. I can ring, text and e-mail. Jules has helped me get everything in order and helps me with where I am along my journey and what else I need to do.

Finish Time: 3:30pm

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