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Rhumel John-Baptiste, Facilities Management Level 3, Holiday Inn - Kensington

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2024, some of the apprentices at Inspire ATA have taken the time to provide a glimpse into their lives and explain how an apprenticeship has helped them learn skills for life.

Start time: 9:00am

Journey to work: Motorcycle

How I prepare for my working day

I check emails the night before, ensure I get enough rest then plan for the goals I expect to reach for the day.

Tasks I do in the morning

I prepare for work by writing down, on a piece of paper, the urgent jobs that need completing.

My work colleagues

I work alongside shift engineers and the supervisor within the maintenance department. I also work closely with the assistant chief engineer.

Lunch Break

I have lunch in the staff canteen.

Afternoon tasks

In the afternoon I perform mainly plumbing, electrical and DIY tasks and sometimes do maintenance work outside of the hotel with the assistant chief engineer.

Best part of the day

The morning and seeing many of the challenging tasks that need problem-solving.

Apprentice top tips

It is the best way to kickstart your career within the facilities management industry. If you are enthusiastic and eager to learn then this apprenticeship will be life changing.

Support received

My tutor always checks in with me to see how I am progressing within this apprenticeship and always ensures that I feel appreciated and valued.

Finish time: 3:00pm

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