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Alice Congdon , Junior Content Producer Level 3, Schneider Electric Controls Ltd

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2024, some of the apprentices at Inspire ATA have taken the time to provide a glimpse into their lives and explain how an apprenticeship has helped them learn skills for life

Here is her typical day;

Start Time: 8:00am

Journey to work: Travel by car.

How I prepare for my working day

I like to start off the day by making a healthy lunch. I also like to get into the office early and love to look at the latest social updates on what has been happening from the last evening.

Tasks I do in the morning

I always make sure that I check the company socials and take care of the media management side of things. I also respond to the emails sent from paid social campaigns.

My work colleagues

I work closely with the trade marketing manager and the rest of the content creation team.

Lunch Break

I normally have lunch by my desk but sometimes I go out with the team for a lunchtime walk. I might stop by a local supermarket for a sandwich.

Afternoon tasks

My tasks really vary but mostly I report on social media analytics, planning content for the next month, creating assets, video editing and much more.

Best part of the day

I really enjoy creating on Canva and working on creative social ads.

Apprentice top tips

I would say that an apprenticeship is a great opportunity to gain skills on the job, which you wouldn't get from a typical degree. It is more of a hands-on engaging experience, and I love it

Support received

The whole team at Inspire ATA has been very supportive in resolving any issues or concerns as fast as possible.

Finish Time: 4:30pm

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