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Prosper E, Assistant Accountant Level 3 , St Margaret's CE Junior School - Medway Anglican School Trust

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2024, some of the apprentices at Inspire ATA have taken the time to provide a glimpse into their lives and explain how an apprenticeship has helped them learn skills for life.

Start Time: 9:00am

Journey to work: Via public transport

How I prepare for my working day

I check emails the night before, ensure I get enough rest and plan for the goals I expect to reach for that day.

Tasks I do in the morning

Checking emails, processing invoices, raising purchase orders or any urgent tasks like a BACS run.

My work colleagues

I woke alongside the finance department, the team consists of myself, a finance apprentice, then two finance managers and CFO.

Lunch Break

I have my lunch in the office because I like the quietness, there is also a staff room I can use but I prefer not to.

Afternoon tasks

Learning new tasks or skills, or training towards taking up more responsibilities.

Best part of the day

All of it !

Apprentice top tips

Ensure you can be organised and analytical and you will never have an issue.

Support received

I am supported in every way possible by Inspire ATA. My tutor ensures she works closely with everyone in the group. My line manager always checks in on me to ensure I am enjoying the role and she is always there to answer any queries. I’ve always been made to know that if I’m struggling I can ask anyone at Inspire or LMP which is very reassuring to me that I am right where I am supposed to be.

Finish Time: 4:30pm

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