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Dalia, is a Teaching Assistant at Manorfield Primary School. She loves working with children and being able to build a strong bond with them.

Also being able to support them in their journeys feels so rewarding. Her apprenticeship is delivered by Inspire ATA, a flexi-job apprenticeship agency that employs and supports apprentices across the UK.


The main benefit of me doing an apprenticeship was learning things and putting it into practice straight away was the best way of learning for me."


What I love about my role is seeing the children improve and grow and watching the children celebrate their success. One of my children celebrates their achievements with a mini dance party and seeing how happy it makes them is so rewarding. In September I was assigned to work 1-1 with an Autistic child. She couldn’t write and was very nervous of me. We now have such a strong bond.

I’ve taught her how to write and recently even created her own story book about the Queens hat. Knowing I’ve made such an impact is just overwhelming. It gives you an immense sense of pride and accomplishment. I was surprised to get my distinction; I was so nervous before hand. I quite often second guess myself with what you do. So getting the distinction was confirmation for me that I’m doing a good job.

I’ve worked so hard on my apprenticeship so when I got my result I felt so proud of myself. All my hard work paid off. I’ve been offered a full time position with Manorfield and I am so happy that I can stay and carry on doing what I love.


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