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Inspire ATA  aims to be open and accountable to customers, stakeholders and other service-users. We aim to make information easy to find for other interested parties such as partners, regulators, the government and members of local communities. We also encourage employees or others with serious concerns about any aspect of our work to come forward and express concerns.

Our guiding principles are that we will: 

  • Provide information in a way which reflects the wishes and needs of customers and other interested people.

  • Make information available about our plans, decisions, policies, standards, and performance.

  • Provide information about how we are governed.

  • Make sure information is easy to find, relevant, accurate and wherever possible self-explanatory.

  • Respond to requests in a way which is cost effective and proportionate.

  • Always act lawfully and comply with any requirements set by our regulators.

Key Policies & Safeguarding

Governance Arrangements

LMP Education Ofsted Full Inspection Report (March 2020)

LMP Education Ofsted Monitoring Visit Report (May 2018)

Insurance Documents

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