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Apprentice or Kickstarter?

My name is Paul and I would love to help you be in a position to take on an apprentice or a Kickstarter!

Drop me an email - - and I will give you a call right back.  

Firstly I would want to understand what sort of person you would like, and what impact you think they can have on your business. Over the last 6 months we have been engaging thousands of young people across the country with our bi-weekly webinars, and we are now placing hundreds of apprentices into organisations, large and small.  I am sure I will be able to help you. 

Kickstart Scheme

If it's the Kickstart Scheme you prefer, I can talk you through the scheme and can be your representative to ensure you receive the funding - you will need to sign up here:

And here is some more information about the Kickstart Scheme -

You can employ a "Kickstarter" from 1st November (subject to successful recruitment and interview of course).

Hire an Apprentice

If you would like an apprentice, this is something I can help you with straight away. I offer a unique model whereby we will employ the apprentice on your behalf, and you effectively lease the apprentice from us. This has many benefits to you as the "host" such as:

  1. A FREE recruitment service.

  2. Reduced employment liability.

  3. We run the payroll 2 times per month.

  4. We offer a replacement service should the apprentice not work out (this is rarely needed).

  5. We source the training provider and ensure high-quality training delivery.

  6. We offer 50+ apprenticeship programmes through our network of training providers.

  7. We fully-fund the training.

  8. We offer ongoing support to ensure the apprentice meets your expectations.

I have placed hundreds of apprentices like this over the last few years and have many very happy clients.

If you would like to know more, please drop me an email -

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