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10 Reasons to Hire an Apprentice

Written by Lily Webb, Digital Marketing Apprentice for LMP Education

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has consistently mentioned during the post COVID rebuilding of the economy young people could be offered an “apprenticeship guarantee” so, what is an apprenticeship? And why would it be valuable for you to take an apprentice on as an employer?

An apprenticeship is a government-supported scheme; the government pays for 95% of the training for your apprentice. Unless you are a company that pays a bill over £3 million because you pay the apprenticeship levy. It is required that your apprentice be 16 years old or older and they must work a certain number of sufficient hours to undertake training in order to complete their apprenticeship.

There are many advantages to taking on an apprentice but here are just a few we have picked out here at LMP Education:


Hiring an apprentice is extremely cost-effective. The current minimum wage for an apprentice is £4.15 for apprentices under 19 or over nineteen and in the first year of their apprenticeship (although it is strongly encouraged that you pay your apprentice above minimum wage). When taking on an apprentice you as the employer are enjoying the advantages of a full-time employee but for the fraction of the price. Additionally, your apprentice gets training and education majority funded by the government meaning you do not worry about the costs of training your employee.

Benefit from fresh thinking

The fresh and youthful mindset of an apprentice could completely rejuvenate your organization. Your apprentice’s different perspective on certain business strategies could mean you can access a market and demographic you never would have even thought about without them. Fresh thinking often comes from apprentices, they regularly offer ideas and are keen to do so.

Apprentices can be tailored to specific job roles

Because you are training your apprentice whilst on the job you can tailor their skills in the workplace to what you need as an employer, this could potentially prevent you from having to take on more employees, if your apprentice is a quick learner.

Improve your workforce

Apprenticeship data shows that employers that take on apprentices have a higher rate of staff retention and commitment rates. Taking on apprentices displays to your employees that you are willing to create a more adaptable and approachable environment in order to safeguard the success of your business in the future and encourage youth enterprise.

Fill your skills gap

Taking on an apprentice means you can fill the roles and skills that your company is missing out on. The fact that young people have extensive knowledge of the digital world could also mean that they could potentially assist you in the further digitalization and modernization of your organization.

Embark on a learning curve

From taking on an apprentice, you too go through an educative period. You learn how to adjust your work environment, so it is suitable for a young person and how to make their job role relevant to the qualifications you want them to gain. Moreover, you learn how to nurture you’re an apprentice to the level of expertise you want them to possess in the workplace.

Give back to the economy

During the Post COVID world, it is expected that apprenticeships are going to be heavily relied on to prevent unemployment amongst young people. Through taking on an apprentice you can help in the group effort to rebuild after COVID 19. The government could also potentially offer extra support to employers taking on apprentices due to the potential benefits to the development of young people.

Diversify your workplace

Through inviting an apprentice onto your team, you can invite someone from a completely different age group and potentially a completely different background on to your team. This opportunity to diversify your workplace offers you as an organization the chance to change the mindsets and opinions influencing your marketing decisions.

Set your company up for a future generation of leaders

Statistics show that 90% of apprentices stay at their employer after their apprenticeship is over. Thus, displaying that the loyalty and belief shown in them during their apprenticeship pays off in the future and that you are then gifted with a very reliable and trustworthy employee long into the future.

You can attract the best possible talent your company

Many Apprentices enter the apprenticeship sector to maximize and improve on their talents. They are for they are willing to quickly display the skills they already do possess to get the most success possible out of their apprenticeship.

Most apprentices are also completely new to the workplace meaning they are unable to transfer any bad habits over from a previous company.

There are many other reasons why you should take on an apprentice and we here at LMP Education have only covered a few. With the recent government announcements of things like potential apprenticeship guarantees, now seems like the perfect time to jump on board!

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