If you would like to hire an apprentice using the ATA model, please email info@inspire-ata.co.uk and one of our Account Managers will come back to you within 24 hours. 

Inspire ATA Ltd. is a government approved Apprenticeship Training Agency which means that we have approval to employ apprentices on your behalf.  This has many benefits to you as the "host" employer. 

It's known in the trade as the "ATA Model".  Inspire ATA recruits, employs and arranges apprenticeship training. Our clients simply "host" apprentices.

The Host Organisation...

  • leases the apprentice for a monthly fee.

  • does not need to use the apprenticeship levy or use the “Reserve my Funding” service, or pay the co-investment.

  • has the option to hire directly at the end of the apprenticeship (for no fee).

Inspire ATA (The Employer)...

  • recruits, employs & supports the apprentice. 

  • arranges training and sources the funding for the training.

  • ensures 100% compliance with the ESFA's funding and 20% off-the-job training rules.

  • runs the payroll (2 times per month).

  • deals with holiday management, disciplinaries, grievances, and any other employment issues.

  • offers a replacement service.